The Moroccan Group of Heterocyclic Chemistry (GMCH) aims at gathering all the people or communities whose activities are linked with the field of heterocyclic chemistry: researchers, research professors and industrialists. Its objectives are:

    The promotion of all the aspects of heterocyclic chemistry;

    The encouragement of the study of heterocyclic chemistry;

    The development of the researcher training in the field of heterocyclic chemistry while aiming at reinforcing collaboration between the university and industry;

    The organization of scientific demonstrations

    Establishment of contacts and relationships with other national and international associations and organizations

    Stimulation of a general interest in the field of heterocyclic chemistry among Moroccan scientific researchers practising abroad.

              Since 1993, the GMCH has been organizing the Moroccan National Meeting of Heterocyclic Chemistry (RNCH) in collaboration with the Universities. These scientific meetings have been  held in Rabat (1993), Marrakech (1996), Fez (1998), Tetouan (2000), Kenitra (2002), Casablanca (2007) and Beni Mellal (2009).
Since 2002, the GMCH has published eight volumes of the Moroccan Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, indexed in Chemical Abstracts (USA) under the code: JMCHCE.
The RNCH conferences have been a great success, in terms of both the large number of national and foreign participants and the calibre of the invited foreign speakers. To lend these conferences a more international character, it was decided to modify the name of these meetings as of this year to “International Symposium of Heterocyclic Chemistry”.

Professor El Mokhtar ESSASSI
President of the Moroccan Group of Heterocyclic Chemistry

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